27.06.2019 | As a result of preventive work initiated by the prosecutor's office of Shirak region, the number of crimes committed by minors continues to decrease

The Prosecutor's Office of Shirak region  has examined and summarized the activities carried out by the Prosecutor's Office on the prevention of offenses among juveniles.


During 2018 20 cases of crimes committed by 24 minors have been registered compared to 34 cases of the previous year. According to preliminary data in 2019 similar cases of crimes decreased by almost half compared to the same period of the  last year.


In order to develop positive trends, prevent offenses among juveniles and increase the participation of institutions involved in this process, prosecutors of  Shirak region have visited schools in Azatan, Arevshat, Ani and Ashotsk.


During the discussions, the attention of teachers has been drawn to the fact that the latter should be more attentive to the presence of  cutting objects in students, if they are found to pick up these objects and inform parents and  police officers dealing with juvenile offences.


In addition, the mandatory registration of the absence of children in the classroom should be considered necessary, the importance of education for promoting the correct behavior of minors through moral and psychological work, creating negative attitudes towards the criminal subculture and  exclude criminogenic influence and strengthen confidence in the law enforcement agencies.