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11.06.2019 | Deliberate violations of traffic rules can be qualified as hooliganism. Prosecutor's office is consistent

The RA Appeal Court has also considered to be justified the position of the RA Prosecutor’s Office concerning the fact that gross violations of traffic rules that cause panic and anxiety among other road users can be considered hooliganism.

In particular, within the framework of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiated / by the instruction of the Prosecutor of Lori Region / in Taron police division of the Republic of Armenia on 24.01.2018 under Part 1 of Article 258 of the RA Criminal Code it has been justified that a drunk citizen on his Peugeot car on 18.01.2018 at around 20:30 and 22:10 in several central streets of Vanadzor has violated traffic rules and by creating an accidental situation has caused panic and anxiety among the residents of the area and showed disrespect to them.

For committing the above acts he has been charged under Part 1 of Article 258 of the RA Criminal Code. By the verdict of the court of the first instance of general jurisdiction of Lori region dated 23.11.2018. the latter has been found guilty and punishment has been imposed on.

The advocate of the accused has filed an appeal with a request to vacate the verdict of the court of first instance and to acquit him.

However, by the judgment of 19.04.2019. the RA Appeal Court has rejected the appeal, leaving the verdict of the court of the first instance of general jurisdiction in force. The RA Appeal Court considers that a disrespectful attitude towards society can also be expressed by the violation of traffic rules.

Taking into account the fact that such cases occur very often, the RA Prosecutor’s Office has set the task to demonstrate consistency in the direction of identifying and registering such cases.

Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.