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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

31.05.2019 | Artur Davtyan has discussed with the CoE Delegation Anti-Corruption and Judicial reforms in Armenia.

Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Artur Davtyan has met with the high-ranking delegation led by Christos Giakoumopoulos, Director General of Human Rights and Rule of Law of the Council of Europe.


Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia has highly appreciated the long-term experience and results of cooperation with the relevant institutions of CoE. Christos Giakoumopoulos, in his turn, has underlined already established and naturally-developed partnership with the RA Prosecutor's Office, which gives confidence to future joint initiatives. In this context, he has attached importance to the involvement of the RA Prosecutor's Office in the development of strategic priorities and mechanisms of anti-corruption and judicial reforms, and has asked about the approaches of the prosecutor's office on the expected outcomes of the process.


Artur Davtyan has noted that the prosecutor's office has a direct role in the process of forming a legal framework for reforms and is involved in working groups formed for that purpose.


Referring to discussions on the establishment of an anti-corruption central institutionalized model, Artur Davtyan has noted that the new model should be based on the broader accountability of high ranking public officials.


Issues related to the realization of the right to a fair trial, the status and functional independence of the prosecutor's office, the prospects for adoption of new criminal procedure and criminal codes have been discussed during the meeting.


The delegation has underlined the fact that the GRECO recommendations concerning the prosecutor's office have been fully fulfilled.