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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

29.05.2019 | The RA Prosecutor's Office has carried out inspections in the CPI “Vardashen” and the “Hospital for convicts” of the RA Ministry of Justice

The  Department of Supervision over Legality of Penalties and Other Means of Compulsion of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office has carried out inspections in the “Vardashen” and “Hospital for the Convicted” penitentiaries of the Ministry of Justice, during which violations have been discovered. The purpose of the inspections was to clarify issues related to the implementation of the basic rights of detainees and convicts, the order and conditions of serving the sentence.

During the inspections it has been  found that there were no mailboxes in the above-mentioned penitentiary institutions in the accessible area for prisoners.

It was also found that in the Vardashen penal institution the detainees and convicts do not undergo medical preventive examinations at least once a year, as stipulated by the decision of the Government.

Besides, cameras are not equipped with necessary household items.

One of the main problems of “Vardashen”  PI  is overpopulation due to the number of detainees contained there. For this reason, it is impossible in the cells to ensure the minimum living space established by law for each detainee or convict. Despite these circumstances, the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the cells and other rooms of the CPI  are favorable.

The results of the inspections have been summarized during a meeting held with the participation of the administration of the CPI. During the discussion it has been noted that part of the violations have been eliminated already at the stage of inspections. The administration of the penitentiary institution has been ordered to take measures to eliminate the remaining violations. The results of the work done will be presented to the RA Prosecutor General's Office.

During the bypass of the prison "Hospital for convicts" phenomena characteristic of criminal mores have been  detected in individual wards, which was eliminated by the administration of the prison. Some violations were related to the involvement of convicts (with their consent) to unpaid work in the penitentiary facility, inspection rules and requirements for the storage of parcels for prisoners.

As part of the inspections, the head of the  Department of Supervision over Legality of Penalties and Other Means of Compulsion of the RA General Prosecutor’s Office personally visited all the cells and premises of two penitentiary institutions, has spoken with detainees and prisoners (including foreign citizens) about their problems and health condition.