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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

23.05.2019 | Practical measures will be taken to eliminate the causes of delays of the expertise of the criminal cases. Consultation has been held at the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan has held a consultation to discuss systemic issues that arise while carrying out expertise within the framework of criminal proceedings.


Deputies of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia, Heads of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia and Territorial Divisions of the Prosecutor’s Office, Heads of State Expert Institutions, representatives of investigative bodies and the police have participated in the consultation.


During the consultation, all the objective and subjective factors negatively affecting the quality and effectiveness of the expertise, their causes and ways of solving the arising problems have been discussed in details.


During the past few months, by the instruction of the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia has carefully studied the expertise of the criminal cases, which have lasted more than two months /by 25.03.2019/.


During the discussion of the results of the study, it has been stated that the delay of expertise, which has also influenced the term of the preliminary investigation, were due to several factors.


These include work overload of expert institutions, lack of modern scientific, technical and methodological equipment in expert centers, lack of specialists in expert centers.


Particularly problematic is the fact that in the Republic of Armenia there is no law on forensic expertise activity, which means that the field does not have a single and comprehensive legal regulation.


Taking into account the numerous problems in the field implementation of expertise within the framework of criminal proceedings, which can be solved by the formation of a legislative base, Artur Davtyan has instructed to create a joint working group to elaborate a draft bill regulating the field of forensic expertise, on the basis of work results of previous years.


At the end of the consultation, the Prosecutor General has given several instructions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of cooperation between the criminal prosecution bodies and expert centers.


At the same time, Artur Davtyan has noted that from the point of view of completeness and objectivity of the investigation of criminal cases, it is extremely important for experts to draw conclusions, while remaining solely within their professional judgment.