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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

21.05.2019 | The prosecutor's office has carried out inspections in the penitentiary institution of “ Goris “ of the RA MJ

Department of Supervision over Legality of Penalties and Other Means of Compulsion of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office of Syunik Region have carried out inspections concerning the state of compliance with the order and conditions of serving the sentence, basic rights of detained and convicted in the penitentiary institution of “Goris” of the RA MJ, and the lawfulness of the decisions on incentives and disciplinary penalty applied against detained or convicted people.


During the inspection, several violations have been found out. In particular, in the course of a study carried out in the field of ensuring the right to health of detainees in the PI, it has been found out that preventative examinations / at least once a year / for detainees in Institutions have not been carried out.


It has been noted that, despite the unfavorable conditions of the building, the sanitary and hygienic state of the PI cells as a whole is sufficient.


Punishment cells have not been provided with certain items necessary for a normal life.


Certain problems have been associated with the use of telephones and the process of organizing walks for the detained and convicted that are kept in a closed or semi-closed correctional institution.


It has been found that a number of decisions on the application of penalties against detainees do not comply with the doctrine of proportionality of disciplinary penalty. In the past, people subject to penalty for violations of internal regulations, for committing another violation, were subject to disciplinary penalty, disproportionate to the severity and nature of the offense committed.


The results of the inspections have been discussed with the administration of “Goris” penitentiary institution of the RA MJ. It has been found out that some shortcomings and violations have been eliminated by the administration of the PI during the inspection. The administration of the penitentiary institution has committed itself to take the necessary measures to eliminate the violations.