07.05.2019 | With a high yield, with the market value of about 12 billion drams HPS by criminal mechanisms has been alienated at a price about 4 times lower. Criminal case has been initiated.

The Department of State Interests Protection of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office carried out a large-scale comprehensive review of the process of alienation of property of CJSC DzoraHEK, in the framework of which  requested from  the RA Ministry of Defense, the Public Services Regulatory Commission and the State Property Management Department of Armenia all the necessary documents and information.

The results of the check were sent to the Office of Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes of the RA Police with the order to check part of the information received and prepare materials on the criminal case. On the basis of the materials obtained during the inspections, it turned out that, in accordance with the decision of the government, in January 2002,  the authority to manage the shares of CJSC DzoraHEK has been transferred to the the Ministry of Defense.

According to the data received, CJSC DzoraHEK, worked with a profit in 2006-2010, supplying about 251 million kWh of electricity, and from its net profit of 1 billion 252 million drams was transferred to the Ministry of Defense.

With a clear intention to sell the company as unprofitable at a price lower than the market, the Public Services Regulatory Commission revised the tariff for electricity produced by CJSC DzoraHEK by the decision of February 27, 2009, reducing it from 13.92 drams to 2.745 drams per 1 kV .h , in the case when the cost of 1 electric power at that time was 4.383 drams per 1 kWh. Thus, the company for about a year lost the opportunity to make a profit.

Respectively, according to the information received from the State Property Management Department, as of December 2010, the market value of the property of CJSC DzoraHEK would be about 8 billion drams, and as of December 2018 - 12 billion drams.

Thus, it is revealed that  CJSC DzoraHEK , which is a State property cost 8 billion drams as of 2010 and 12 billion drams for 2018 was sold for only 3.6 billion drams, which caused significant damage to the legitimate interests of the state.

Taking into account the fact that the prepared materials contain information on the use by an official  position, contrary to the interests of the service, or non-performance of official duties on the basis of mercenary, other personal interest or group interests, which  caused significant harm to the rights and legitimate interests of individuals, organizations, the legitimate interests of society or the State, negligently causing  serious consequences, a criminal case has been initiated according to the p. 2 art.  308 of the RA  Criminal Code.

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case is entrusted to the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia.

Note: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.