25.04.2019 | Prosecutors of Lori region have visited several schools of the region

In the first quarter of 2019, two cases of juvenile offenses or their involvement have been  registered in Lori region. A similar case has been recorded in the same period last year.

As part of the planned crime prevention activities in the area of juvenile justice, the causes and conditions conducive to their implementation, the prosecutors of Lori region prosecutor’s office have visited educational institutions of the region’s administrative district with  Lori regional police station of the Republic of Armenia, in particular " in Bazum, Aqori, School No. 6 named after Tekeyan in Stepanavan, Secondary School named after Artak Aghekyan  No. 2 in Tashir, Vanadzor School named after Griboedov number 11. During the visits, prosecutors and police officers have met with schoolchildren, as well as teachers.

During the meetings with minors, as well as during a personal conversation, some criminal phenomena in the form of criminal behavior has been  revealed, especially among minors whose families had moral and psychological flaws.

It was pointed out that the weakening of social control is crucial to the factors contributing to the criminality of juveniles, and educational institutions have a lot to do in bringing about the child's personal qualities as well as in the social, family, educational fields of his upbringing and development.

It was proposed to exercise strict control, especially with regard to the rules for social networks. Then, the dangerous consequences that juveniles can face in social networks without proper control.

The directorate of educational institutions has also been  invited to actively cooperate with law enforcement agencies in the event of the identification of negative manifestations in the behavior of minors. As a result of discussions, a mutual desire arose to organize such meetings more often in the future.