22.03.2019 | The prosecutor of Syunik region has submitted an application to the governor of Syunik with a request to take disciplinary measures against employees who receive illegal gratification from persons receiving benefits

From the materials obtained during the preliminary investigation of the criminal case investigated by  Syunik regional investigation department of the RA IC , it turned out that an employee of Sisian territorial agency for social support for benefits registration  has offered to give him the amount  of benefits for 6 months. After that, a public servant during 2009-2010 by prior arrangement, personally has received the amount of benefits for 12 months.

During 2018 under judicial supervision and guidance  of the prosecutor's office of Syunik region  7 criminal cases  have been examined.

2 criminal cases against 2 employees of Goris regional social support service have been  sent to court with an indictment. Proceedings for 1 criminal case against 1 employee of Sisian Territorial Agency for Social Support has been terminated  on the basis of the application of the amnesty act, preliminary investigation of 4 criminal cases continues.

Based on the need to eliminate the circumstances and the reasons contributing to the crime, the prosecutor of Syunik region Vazgen Harutyunyan has  submitted  an application to the governor of Syunik Hunan  Poghosyan.

By the petition  the prosecutor of the region has offered to discuss the behavior of a public servant of the regional agency Sisian, as well as the behavior of other employees,  who committed similar violations. In addition, it has been  recommended to take appropriate measures to exclude such acts in  future and inform Syunik prosecutor's office about the results.