11.03.2019 | Criminal law struggle for several types of crimes will be strengthened in Armavir region . Meeting in the prosecutor's office of the region.

In pursuance of the instructions of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia regarding the strengthening of the criminal law struggle for certain types of crimes, in Armavir region for 2019, а meeting  has been  held in the prosecutor's office of the  region under the leadership of the prosecutor of Armavir region Vahe Hovhannisyan to discuss issues related to burglary, drug trafficking, traffic accidents, preventing and solving corruption crimes, identifying the causes and conditions contributing to these crimes, increasing the level of interaction of law enforcement agencies with territorial authorities and local governments in specific areas.

It  has been  recorded that in 2018 compared to 2017 the number of cases of burglary has increased by 14.1%.

Vahe Hovhannisyan has advised the leaders of the communities who have participated in the meeting to discuss the mechanisms for closing the doors of apartment buildings, installing video surveillance devices at the entrances, proper lighting of the surrounding territories and to take measures in this direction.

During the meeting, the importance of enhancing the effectiveness of the prevention of road accidents has also been  emphasized.

During the meeting, the prosecutor of the  region has  also expressed dissatisfaction with the results of the fight against drug-related crimes. During the meeting, the question of the effectiveness of the fight against corruption in the region has  also been raised. During the meeting, an arrangement has been reached to make the meetings in such  format more frequent.