26.02.2019 | The number of petitions for the use of detention as a measure of restraint has been decreased; the use of criteria established by the RA Prosecutor’s Office has given results

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office has examined the practice of examining petitions for detention of the accused and extending detention term chosen as a measure of restraint during 2018, as well as the influence of board decisions of the prosecutor’s office aimed at improving the effectiveness of the substantiation of petitions for detention.

The analysis have shown that during 2018, 6582 people have been involved as accused and in respect of 870 people petitions have been presented to court for the use of detention as a measure of restraint.

Out of 875 petitions, 808 petitions have been approved. It should be noted that during 2018 according to the decision of the prosecutor, detention as a measure of restraint in respect of 51 people has been canceled.

During 2018, 808 petitions for extending detention term have been presented to court, out of which 793 petitions have been approved.