18.01.2019 | In 2018 36 cases of murders have been reported. The lowest indicator since 1980.

In  2018 36 cases of murders have been  registered in the Republic of Armenia. This indicator  is the lowest at least in the last 38 years. At the same time, 3 of them have been  related to the facts of a person’s disappearance.

For the last three years, in fact,  cases of missing persons have dropped threefold.

Long-term comparative analysis has shown that if in the 1980s (1980-1989) the average annual number of murders has been 60 cases, in the 1990s this number has increased to 160. The transition of these two decades, historically marked by the collapse of the USSR and the beginning of the period of independence, has led to a sharp increase in the number of murders.  In 1989  88 cases of murders have been  registered in the Republic, in 1990, already 178, or twice as much. 1990-1997 during the reporting period, a three-digit number of murders per year has been committed, and the worst indicator has been recorded in 1992 - 305 cases.

The RA Prosecutor General's Office conducts criminological research of a similar nature, the most complete results will be published.

As a result of these studies, measures will be taken to develop and plan strategies to combat crime in the Republic.