27.12.2018 | In Tsakhkadzor, the lands of the forest fund were alienated as a result of the transition to the category of land plots of settlements: According to the results of the investigation, the RA Prosecutor’s Office will prepare materials

According to the results of the investigation conducted by the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Armenia based on the publication of «Hetq» about 60 hectares of forest were privatized in Tsakhkadzor. It was revealed that by the government’s decision in 2007 60 hectares of forest land in the Hrazdan community (Kotayk region) state property, transferred to the category of land plots of settlements and transferred to the community on a proprietary basis, and 14 hectares - transferred to the category of specially protected areas.


After that, the land at the auction was alienated in favor of a number of citizens.


In addition to the fact that these lands were part of the forest estate, it was revealed that according to satellite imagery, these were homogeneous forests. Meanwhile, officials authorized for the transfer of these lands, ignoring the fact that the lands of the forest fund cannot be converted into a category for mixed buildings, changed their purpose, and transferred to the community.


To clarify possible violations during the performance of official obligations by officials, for legal assessment, clarification of the extent of damage and initiation of recovery measures, the documents received were sent to the RA Investigation Committee to prepare materials under the RA Criminal Code Articles 180 and 181.