21.12.2018 | Dozens of administrative and criminal proceedings have been initiated regarding the violations found in the field of liquid, compressed gas, mobile filling stations

Taking into account that the operation of mobile gas stations is directly related to the life and health of citizens, the RA Prosecutor’s Office instructed  the State Inspection of Fire and Technical Safety of the Emergencies Ministry, the RA Police and the territorial bodies of the State Revenue Committee to settle the issues of liability in case of violation of the rules.

As a result of the research, it turned out that by 2018, 63 out of 193 mobile gas stations, which actually operated at different times throughout the country, in the established manner  have not been  registered in the register as hazardous production facilities.

As a result of the investigation, in 60 cases, administrative proceedings have been  initiated by the  inspection of the State fire and the technical security of the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations in connection with the recorded violations.

On the facts of violations containing signs of flagrant  crimes, 4  criminal cases have been  initiated.