09.12.2018 | On the day of extraordinary elections to the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia, 252 cases of alleged electoral crime were recorded - materials are being prepared for 108 of them

The working group of the RA Prosecutor General's Office reviewed and summarized reports received from law enforcement agencies on 252 cases of alleged flagrant electoral crimes regarding elections to the RA National Assembly in the period from 08:00 to 20:00 on December 9, 2018.


Data on 97 cases were obtained through media publications, on the basis of citizen’s posts in social networks that became available as part of the monitoring carried out by the working group of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office, 69 cases through statements and reports to the RA police and prosecutor’s office, and 86 as a result of reports provided by the RA police officers.


All these cases were checked and verified by the bodies of inquiry and preliminary investigation under the supervision of prosecutors of the regional divisions of the RA Prosecutor’s Office, as well as the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office.


Regarding 144 cases containing abstract or general information, verification activities have been carried out and continue to be carried out, as a result of which the facts of the alleged crime have already been refuted.


In accordance with the procedure established by the RA Criminal Procedure Code Articles 180-181, materials are prepared to verify the legality and sufficiency of the grounds for initiating criminal cases on 108 cases.


Among them:

82 relate to the attempts to vote more than once or to vote instead of another person;

3 - impeding the exercise of powers of a proxy;

5 - impeding the free exercise of suffrage;

2 - impeding the implementation of free will of the voter;

10 - violation of the secrecy of the vote;

3 - giving bribes;

3 - other cases.


Regarding the procedural guidance of the units of the prosecutor's office, the following picture is presented regarding 108 cases for which materials are prepared:

RA Military Prosecutor's Office - 9 cases

Yerevan Prosecutor’s Office and administrative districts - 19 cases

Syunik region - 8 cases

The Prosecutor's office of Armavir region - 9 cases

The Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region - 2 cases

The Prosecutor's Office of the Shirak region - 11 cases

The Prosecutor's Office of the Gegharkunik Region - 11 cases

The Prosecutor's Office of the Tavush region - 6 cases

The Prosecutor's Office of the Vayots Dzor region- 1 case

The Prosecutor's Office of Ararat region - 9 cases

The Prosecutor's office of Aragatsotn region - 8 cases

The Prosecutor's office of Kotayk region - 15 cases.


The working group established in the RA Prosecutor General’s Office continues to carry out verification activities in connection with the messages, calls and reports of the media and citizens, as well as activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the prosecutor’s supervision over the preliminary investigation of criminal cases.

Further data will be presented soon.