09.12.2018 | Materials are being prepared on 31 cases of alleged electoral offenses recorded on parliamentary elections

As of 13:00, the working group of the RA Prosecutor General's Office has reviewed and summarized the results of 64 messages on alleged electoral crimes, regarding the voting process of parliamentary elections.


From the above-mentioned cases 11 cases have been recorded and registered by the working group of the RA Prosecutor General's Office in the result of monitoring media publications, and the data on the remaining 53 cases have been received via the statements of citizens presented to the police and the prosecutor's office.


In order to verify the legality and sufficiency of the grounds for initiating a criminal case, materials have been prepared in accordance with Art. 180-181 of the RA CPC. 27 cases refer to the attempts to re-vote (Art. 153 of the RA Criminal Code) and 4 to prevention of exercising the right to vote (Art. 149 of the RA Criminal Code).


By 33 cases verifications have been carried out or are being carried out, as a result of which the facts provided have been refuted.


From the above-mentioned cases:

7 relate to impeding the implementation of free will of voters;

1- stealing of ballot,

2 - violation of the rules for making electoral lists;

1 - giving bribes;

1 - ban on charity;

21 - other cases.