07.12.2018 | Тhe obligation of 700 million drams was not fulfilled: the Military Prosecutor’s Office sent a warning

Obligations in the amount of 700 million drams under various agreements concluded between the Ministry of Defense of Armenia and the suppliers were not fulfilled. This has been found out by the results of the investigations carried out by the department for the protection of state interests of the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office.


It is noteworthy that in general, under four different contracts in the amount of 1.317 billion drams, prepayment was paid to suppliers in the amount of 620 million drams, but even in this case the contractual obligations in the amount of 230 million drams were also not fulfilled.


According to the 29th article of the law "On the Prosecutor's Office", in all these cases, warnings are sent to business entities. For the purpose of the legal assessment of these cases, the documents were sent to the Investigative Committee for the preparation of materials and for solving the further procedure of the case.