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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

27.11.2018 | All the means prescribed by law will be used to disclose cases of giving electoral bribes under the name of charity

Recently, through the media and social  networks, information about giving hidden electoral bribes, material  resources under the pretext of hiring political personnel from party  forces of the blocs or candidates participating in the upcoming  elections. We consider it necessary to clarify that, according to the  amendments made to the Criminal Code of September 7, 2018, it is  criminalized not only  for giving a bribe and taking it in favor of  voting or not voting for a particular candidate, or refusing to  participate in elections, or voting more than once, or voting for  another person, but also violating the ban on charity throughout the  election period, as well as the provision of goods to the voters by  any means free of charge or on a privileged basis, the provision of  any services "


In the Criminal Code of these kind of violations are qualified as serious crimes and imply criminal  liability under  p. 5 art.  154.2 of the RA Criminal Code,  and impose a sentence of imprisonment from 2 to 6 years.


Within the framework of the authority, the RA Prosecutor’s office is  committed to taking any steps to verify  any kind of information about bribing voters, if necessary, to give  instructions on conducting large-scale operational and intelligence  activities, through the implementation of the relevant judicial  procedure in order to fully disclose the electoral crimes. "It  should be noted that recent legislative amendments have provided the  structures authorized to carry out operational intelligence  activities with the necessary legal capabilities, through large-scale  measures to find out the real circumstances of any hidden case. These capabilities will be fully implemented in practice in accordance with the law, we urge the  political forces participating in the extraordinary parliamentary  elections to refrain from such attempts to influence electoral  processes, gain competitive advantage. We call on  citizens who are witnesses of such actions or who have reliable  information to contact the RA General  Prosecutor's Office or other law enforcement agencies.