10.10.2018 | The number of crimes committed by minors has significantly decreased in Shirak region

The prosecutor's office of Shirak region considered the issue of the effectiveness of the measures taken by the prosecutor's office to eliminate the offenses committed by minors in 2018, the crimes and prevent their causes and conditions.


21 cases committed by 15 minors have been registered,  while 96 cases of crimes committed by 36 minors have been registered  in the same period of the previous year.


A meeting of the Prosecutor of Shirak region with students and teachers of Shirak State University  has been organized, as well as with the three largest state institutions of the region, meetings of prosecutors with schoolchildren and teaching staff of schools N7, N 11 and 23 of Gyumri.


The issues of eliminating the causes and conditions that contribute to the commission of crimes among minors have been discussed.