23.07.2018 | Issues concerning the fight against corruption and restoring damage inflicted to the state have been discussed during the meeting of the board of the RA Prosecutor's Office

On July 23, the RA Board meeting has been held and it has been headed by the Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan.

During the meeting, issues related to combating certain types of crimes (particularly the fight against corruption), as well as the results of the prosecutor's supervision and the problems that arise during this process have been discussed.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia once again has attached importance to preliminary investigation, as well as to provision of operational cooperation at a high level with the inspection bodies.

Besides already recorded results, a task has been set to be consistent with regard to restoring the damage inflicted to the state in the result the investigation of various crimes while a suit is filed by the prosecutor in defense of the interests of the state.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Artur Davtyan has stressed that in the course of exercising their function of supervision over the legality of the preliminary investigation of criminal cases, prosecutors must follow that all criminal procedural actions fully coincide with the legislation, and the rights of all participants in the proceedings are adequately secured.

The results of ongoing work in these fields, as well as instructions and the decisions made will be carefully discussed in the future during the board meeting.