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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

18.05.2018 | A chain of corruption offenses has been discovered in one of the military units of the army of defense

During the preparation of materials on the basis of data obtained as a result of operational activities conducted by the employees of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, a group of compulsory military servicemen have given explanations that from October 2017 to April 2018, personally and through intermediaries have transferred money to a person who serves in the Army of defence. The latter has sent a fictitious telephone message to the military unit of the Defense Army, which served as a basis for their vacation.

On May 18, the major of the military unit N of the Army of defence has been arrested on suspicion of committing crimes, prescribed  by p. 3  Art. 38-363 (2 episodes) and p. 2  Art. 311 and p. 3  Art. 38-363 (7 episodes) of the RA CC.

Note: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.