10.05.2018 | Тhe Prosecutor 's Оffice of the Republic of Armenia had examined the procedure for the impeachment of the auction proceedings

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case initiate by the RA Prosecutor General on May 15, 2017 under the RA Criminal Code Article 308 part 1 has revealed that some of the members of the auction tried to violate the procedure of the auction which was organized on January 31, 2017. The prices for the cars that have been used by the State bodies and were subject to alienation were artificially raised by con artists and then refused to pay the interest. Later on the same day the cars were sold at the start price.

It was clear that the rules of the auction were violated, and in this connection the RA Prosecutor General's Office in the current year have presented the Government a number of changes to the process of organizing the auctions. By the order of the Head of State Property Management Department dated April 6, 2018, corresponding changes were made to the auction procedure so that to eliminate any supporting circumstances that can encourage the above-mentioned violations.