25.04.2018 | The mass escape of a group of prisoners from the penal institution "Nubarashen" with the use of violence has been prevented. A criminal case has been initiated.

A group of detainees of  the Nubarashen penitentiary institution of the RA Ministry of Justice with the use of violence against the security officer of the Nubarashen penitentiary institution of RA Ministry of Justice  seized the keys to the prison, entered the corridor of the building No. 6 and opened the doors of 6  prison cells. After that they tried to leave the building with other detainees, and escape from the place of detention, but could not complete the crime for reasons beyond their control, since their actions were prevented by prison officers.


By the decision of the Prosecutor of Department of Supervision over Legality of Penalties and Other Means of Compulsion of the RA general prosecutor’s office, a criminal case has been  initiated on the feautures of  crimes prescribed by p. 1 p. 2 Art.  34-355 of the RA Criminal Code.


The criminal case has been sent to the RA Investigative Committee for the preliminary investigation.