19.03.2018 | Results of the control functions implementation of the RA Prosecutor's Office in 2017

The Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia publishes the results of implementing internal control mechanisms for 2017.


1. In 2017, 37 prosecutors have resigned from their work based on their own application, 20 - in connection with their retirement. During the same period 42 people have been appointed to the position of the prosecutor, 22 out of them have been graduates of the RA Academy of Justice, 19 - former investigators, and 1 has been a candidate of legal science.

2. In 2017, the RA Prosecutor General's Office has conducted 58 disciplinary investigations against 64 prosecutors.

3. In 2017 the prosecutors have presented in general 223 petitions for conducting disciplinary investigations, 127 out of which have been connected with the employees of the preliminary investigation, 96 – bodies of inquest. 91 people have been subjected to disciplinary responsibility, 18 out of which  have been from the bodies of preliminary investigation, and 73 - bodies of inquiry.


In 2017 the Department of Supervision over Legality of Penalities and Other Meanes of Compulsion of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has conducted 77 investigations in the penitentiary institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice. In the result of which, based on the submitted 32 petitions and 7 reports sent to the relevant authorities, 11 disciplinary investigations have been conducted and 11 employees of the PI (penitentiary institutions) have been subjected to disciplinary responsibility.