17.03.2018 | Deputy Head of Department at the RA Ministry of Defence has been detained with the charge of being bribed during 2008-2013

Resident of the Yerevan city, the founder and the director of “A. A.” LLC A. A. sent a letter to the RA Prosecutor General, then he made a report at the department for the investigation of EIC of GDMI of IC of RA. He told that during 2008-2013 M. Kh. being a deputy head at the department in the RA Ministry of Defence, at the same time he was the president of the commission which deals with the supplies of financial means for the needs of the ministry. He demanded and received from 5% to 7% of all the supplies that have been provided by the above-mentioned company, getting bribe with the total amount of 29.220.000 AMD.

On this fact a criminal case has been initiated under the RA Criminal Code Article 311 part 4 point 2 and Article312 part 3 point 1.

M. Kh. was charged on 16.02.2018 under the RA Criminal Code Article 311 part 4 point 2, but he did not plead himself guilty.

On the same day the investigator took a decision to detain him but the Court of general jurisdiction of the Yerevan City declined it.

The prosecutor conducting supervision over legality and procedural lead of the preliminary investigation of the criminal case appealed the decision on 20.02.2018. On 15.03.2018 the appeal was satisfied and the decision of the general jurisdiction courts was cancelled and detention as a measure of restraint was implemented in relation to M. Kh.

The preliminary investigation is still in process.  

Notice: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by the RA Criminal Procedure Code and unless the verdict comes into legal force.