06.02.2018 | Results of the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office Activities and the struggle against crime in the RA Armed Forces have been summarized

The general situation of crime offences in the RA Armed Forces have been summarized in the RA Military Prosecutor’s Office. The circumstances and reasons for these offences have been discussed. The meeting was held by the RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan. The RA Minister of Defence Vigen Sargsyan, Prosecutors of the TA Military Prosecutor’s Office and Military Garrisons were also present at the meeting.

The RA Military Prosecutor, Deputy Prosecutor General Vahe Harutyunyan made a report on the situation connected with the investigation of offences, about the effectiveness of prosecutorial supervision over legality of inquiry and preliminary investigation and the current issues in the sphere of the defence of prosecution.

Particularly, he mentioned that during 2017 in the RA AF 1207 cases of crime have been registered, which is 11.1% less than in 2016.  768 cases were against military service, 439 of them were offences of other types.

Among the mentioned 1207 offence only 191 were grave crimes, 111 were grave crimes and 80 were particularly grave crimes.  In comparison with the previous year the number of grave crimes reduced by 6 cases.