11.01.2018 | In connection with the issue of improving the safety of chemicals at Nairit plant, the prosecutor of Yerevan city appealed to the ministers of emergency situations and of energy infrastructures and natural resources of the RA

As a result of violation of rules of storage of flammable materials by employees of ZAO Nairit Plant on August 28, 2017 a fire broke out in tanks with flammable substances. The chemical substance lacquer (ethanol) stored in the storage tanks for flammable substances burnt down, the roofs of concrete tanks partially collapsed, metal fences were deformed, dry vegetation burned in the adjacent territory.

As a result of the preliminary investigation, the body conducting the proceedings considered that the fire, which arose because of a violation of the rules for the storage of flammable substances, did not lead to serious consequences, on November 30, 2017 decided to suspend the proceedings  and not to conduct a criminal prosecution against the relevant employees of National Center for Technical Security SNCO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia - based on the absence of corpus delicti.

When studying the criminal case, it was found out that on November 28, 2016, a contract was concluded between ZAO "Nairit Plant" and the SNCO of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia "National Center for Technical Security". In addition, SNCO was provided with funds to assist ZAO Nairit Plant in the safe storage of equipment and chemicals.

Based on the above, Raffi Aslanyan appealed to the Minister for Emergency Situations David Tonoyan and the Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources of Armenia Ashot Manukyan demanding to discuss the violations and the causes that gave rise to them, as well as to take measures to more efficiently organize the work of the SNCO - to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and to avoid possible serious consequences in the future and report the results to the prosecutor's office of Yerevan.