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25.10.2017 | The RA Prosecutor General Turned to the RA Minister of Health care with the offer to improve organizational process of autopsy in case of mortality at home

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan turned to the RA Minister of Healthcare Levon Altunyan with an offer to make some changes in the organizational process of forensic experiments and autopsy.


The RA Prosecutor’s Office has conducted a survey in Armenia in the sphere of mortality at home and came to the conclusion that within the framework of the criminal proceedings there are some cases that are left behind the scope of the law enforcement agencies.


The specialists who conduct autopsy are not authorized specialists to carry out forensic medical experiments and they cannot find any signs of alleged crime which may be crucial for the procedure of the criminal case and may become an obstacle as happened in one of the cases when one of the relatives asked not to carry out autopsy of the head of the corpse.


Having in mind the above-mentioned and the fact that there are no proper conditions for autopsy in the regions of Armenia the Prosecutor General offered to make some changes and expressed willingness to take active part in round-table discussions of the matter and elaboration of the corresponding legal acts.