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23.10.2017 | By the criminal case regarding the death of the soldier Chaplin Margaryan an official was arrested

On  October 10, 2017 soldier  Chaplin Armen Margaryan received a gunshot wound to the chest from an enemy shot,  he died after being taken to a military hospital. On the same day, in the Sixth garrison unit of General Military Investigative Department of the Republic of Armenia a criminal case was initiated on the occasion of illegal and deliberate deprivation of life of C. Margaryan by the enemy in accordance with p. 13 p. 2 Art.  34-104 of the RA Criminal Code.

As a result of urgent investigative and other procedural actions, undertaken for the purpose of comprehensive, objective and complete clarification of the circumstances of the case, sufficient evidence was obtained, that the cause of Margaryan's death was also non-compliance with safety rules when performing engineering work in combat posts and the evidently negligent attitude of the person responsible for the military base regarding compliance with these rules.

Taking this fact into account, on the instructions of the prosecutor of Lori Garrison Military Prosecutor’s Office of RA, on suspicion of committing a flagrant crime, under the features of p.2  art. 376 of RA Criminal Code (Negligent attitude to service, which caused grave consequences)  the responsible for the post, deputy commander of the 1st rifle rebel battalion of the rear of military unit of the RA  Ministry of Defense,  major T. P.  was arrested.

The preliminary investigation continues.

Note: Every person suspected in or charged with a criminal offense shall be presumed innocent unless proved guilty in the manner prescribed by Criminal Procedure Code of RA and unless the verdict comes into legal force.