19.07.2017 | The Prosecutor's Office tightens the fight against illegal logging . Meeting in the RA Prosecutor General's Office

The RA Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan today held a working meeting on illegal logging and fighting corruption in this area, with the participation of the structural subdivisions of the RA Prosecutor General's Office and regional prosecutors, who have forest funds.

The RA Prosecutor General noted that it is necessary to intensify prosecutor's supervision in this sphere, there will be a consistent struggle to prevent and investigate crimes of this kind and to bring the officials to criminal responsibility.

The Prosecutor General stressed that the focus will be on planning the investigation of these cases, the disclosure of the full range of  accomplices involved in all the cases containing elements of crime and  related to illegal logging, very often deliberately hiding, on criminal-legal assessments of the acts of all the competent officials responsible for the facts of illegal logging.

Artur Davtyan also instructed to control all the publications of mass  media, containing information on illegal logging and, if necessary, examine all the presented  circumstances and facts.