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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

20.05.2017 | Criminal cases have been initiated concerning 7 cases containing flagrant elements of crime during the elections to the Council of Elders of Yerevan

In the result of monitoring numerous press publications on registered election offences during pre-electoral period and on election day (14.05.2017), the working group organized in the RA Prosecutor General's Office  has singled out 81 publications containing flagrant elements of crime of an electoral nature.

Besides the above-mentioned publications, 39 calls of the same nature, received in RA Police have also been verified.

All the above-mentioned reports in an operative manner have been sent to the regional divisions of RA Police, RA Investigative Committee and RA SIS with the instruction to verify them properly in a manner prescribed by law.

In the result of urgent investigative, operational-intelligence measures taken concerning the reports containing flagrant elements of crime, 7 criminal cases have been initiated by 20.05.2017.

1 case has been initiated under Article 149, Part 1 and Article 154.2, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code (impeding the activities of mass media representatives and distributing electoral bribes).

3 cases under Article 149 of the RA Criminal Code ( hindrance to implementation of the citizens’ right to elect and impeding the activities of mass media representatives).

1 case only  under Article 154.2, Part 2 of the RA Criminal Code  (distributing electoral bribes).

1 under Article 154.2, Part 2 and Article 309, Part  2 of the RA Criminal Code  (distributing electoral bribes and exceeding official authorities).

1 under Article 137, Part 1 (inflict heavy damage to one’s health)
In the result of measures provided by law, by 20.05.2017 from the above-mentioned 120 reports, 8 reports have been combined with the materials prepared on the basis of the calls recieved in the territorial divisions of the RA Police and circumstances mentioned in the 89 reports have already been denied and there are no grounds for instituting criminal proceedings.

Investigative, procedural and operational-intelligence measures by other 16 cases are still underway.

The body conducting criminal proceedings has been assigned to take urgent investigative, operational-intelligence measures with a view to find out the real circumstances and give a legal assessment as soon as possible.