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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

16.05.2017 | RA Military Prosecutor has had meetings in the Military Prosecutor’s Offices of 5 Garrisons

RA Military Prosecutor has had meetings at the Military Prosecutor’s Offices of Yeghegnadzor, Goris Garrisons as well as Garrisons N 1, N 2, N 3.

During the meeting Military Prosecutor’s of Garrisons have reported about the state and motives of the crime as well as presented data on the detection of crimes and work aimed at their improvement.

Regarding the figures detecting crimes against state property, RA Military Prosecutor has given recommendations  to be more consistent with the measures aimed at their prevention, especially with the aim of ensuring effective, full, complete and objective investigation of criminal cases of grave and especially grave crimes.

RA Military Prosecutor has instructed to hold meetings frequently with the soldiers, by explaining them the necessity of preserving statutory relationships, as well as negative consequences that result from not fulfilling their duties.

Referring to the problems of crime prevention, Vahe Harutyunyan has emphasized the importance of revealing in each case during the preliminary investigation the reasons and circumstances, contributing to the commitment of the crime and the necessity to take prosecutorial actions with the aim to eliminate them.

Military Prosecutor has instructed to activate the efforts within the scope of criminal proceedings in order to guarantee the rights and freedoms of soldiers, to exclude the unjustified restrictions and for that purpose to take all the measures of prosecutorial influence.

In order to increase the efficiency of the performed work, RA Military Prosecutor has attached importance to the coordination, unity, predictability and publicity of the work of law enforcement agencies.

At the end of the meeting, RA Military Prosecutor Vahe Harutyunyan has given seperate recommendations.

Within the framework of the visit RA Military Prosecutor has paid a visit to military unit N and has got acquainted with the daily life of soldiers.

During the visit, he has talked to junior soldiers and the officers, emphasizing the importance of preserving the statutory relations in the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia.