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Responsible for ensuring freedom of information

The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

15.05.2017 | The working group of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has studied 117 reports /updated/

The working group formed in the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia having the task to verify properly each report on electoral offenses, to prevent such cases and to ensure the inevitability of holding offenders accountable for, from the reports has only singled out those which contain flagrant elements of crime regarding the election.

Thus, in the result of monitoring a number of press reports on electoral offenses, the working group has singled out 79 reports which contain flagrant elements of crime regarding the election.

Besides the above-mentioned publications, the working group has also verified 38 calls, received in the RA Police.

Overall 117 reports.

53 reports concerned the hindering of voters’ free will, including 14 reports related to cases of distributing electoral bribes (Article 154.2 of the RA Criminal Code).

29 reports related to the impeding of voting rights of citizens as well as impeding the activities of the reporters, candidate or his/her trustees and observers (Article 149 of the RA Criminal Code).

20 reports concerned the cases of voting instead of another person or voting twice (Article 153 of the RA Criminal Code), 11 - violation of secrecy of the ballot (Article 154 of the RA Criminal Code), 3 - violation of the procedure of froming the voting list (Article 152 of the RA Criminal Code), 1 - alleged confiscation of election documents (Article 154.7 of the RA Criminal Code).

All the above-mentioned reports in an operative manner have been sent to the regional divisions of RA Police, RA Investigative Committee and RA SIS with the instruction to verify them properly in a manner prescribed by law.

The body conducting criminal proceedings has been assigned to take urgent investigative, operational-intelligence measures with a view to find out the real circumstances and give a legal assessment as soon as possible.