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20.04.2017 | A criminal case was initiated for tree cutting fact at Dilijan National Park

A criminal case was initiated in the Prosecutor’s Office of the RA Tavush region on the case of performing particularly large number of illegal tree cutting at the Places of Forest fond, in the 6th  subdivision of “Haghartsin” section at “Dilijan National Park” State Non-Governmental Organization, which is considered to be a specially-preserved territory of nature.

By the prepared materials handed out by the prosecutor’s assignment based on the published article “The cut down trees of Dilijan National Park” about the cutting trees illegally in the territory of “Dilijan National Park” of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection it was founded out that 100 different trees with different diameter were illegally cut down, causing particularly large amount of damage - 18.906.474 AMD.

Taking into account that there are apparently criminal features in the prepared materials, a criminal case was initiated by the prosecutor of Tavush region according to the 3rd part of the 296 Article of RA Criminal Code. The preliminary investigation was passed to the RA Criminal Committee.

It is worth to mention that during preparing materials on the illegal tree-cutting case the RA law enforcement bodies have cooperated with the mass media which had published the article and the citizen who had given the tree-cutting information. In the result of productive cooperation the law enforcement bodies have found out larger violations.

The RA Prosecutor General’s Office appreciates both the mass media’s and citizens’ active cooperation with the RA Prosecutor’s Office in giving objective and full information aimed at disclosure and prevention of illegality.