15.04.2017 | A criminal case was initiated on the facts of illegal alteration of the original appearance of historical buildings in Gyumri

A criminal case was initiated in the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak region  on the fact of change and reconstruction of immovable monuments (buildings) in the city of Gyumri.

Control chamber of the Republic of Armenia presented a report to the prosecutor's office of Shirak region, according to which the facade part of the 4th building of Ryzhkov street, which has a historical, cultural value  and is under the State protection, was changed  without the appropriate permission.

Taking into consideration that the report seemingly contained data indicating the  elements of a crime, by the instruction of the prosecutor's office of Shirak region, during the preparation of materials it was revealed that similar changes were made in 2, 5, 6 buildings, which have historical and cultural value and are under the protection of the state.

The entities using the building arbitrarily carried out the repair work, as a result of which the original appearance was damaged and architectural style, a constructive system of historical buildings, which are immovable monuments, violating the requirements for the safe exploitation of the monument.

On  April 14, 2017 a criminal case was initiated  in the prosecutor's office of Shirak region on the grounds of part 1, art. 264 of the RA Criminal Code.

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case was assigned to the RA Investigative Committee.