14.04.2017 | The RA Prosecutor General received the Head of EU Delegation to RA

The RA Prosecutor General received the  Head of EU Delegation to RA, the ambassador Piotr Świtalski.

Greeting the guest, the RA prosecutor general once again stressed the high level of cooperation with the European Union and the support of the EU in the national elections.

The parties of the meeting discussed the issues connected with the investigation of the recorded violations during the preparation and conduct of the RA NA  elections, held on April 2.

The RA prosecutor general Artur Davtyan stressed the importance of built-in technical equipment in polling stations, especially in terms of preventing violations and ensuring the objectivity and completeness of the investigation of such cases.

Тhe  Head of EU Delegation  Piotr Świtalski highly appreciated the operative response of the prosecutor's office to publications on electoral violations, settlement of works on verification of electoral violations, both a few days before the voting, and on the voting day.

The Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia submitted his comments on the electoral violations during the preparation of the elections and on the voting day.

By the request of the Ambassador, the Prosecutor General presented the results of the studied publications during the election day and the days following it on apparent  election violations, as well as the results of studies of calls received to the hotline of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia.

The prosecutor general informed that, the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has studied 2500 publications, 60 calls to the hotline of the prosecutor's office, as well as 309 calls received in police units.

It was noted that, both during the preparation of elections and on the day of voting, studies of publications  on electoral violations show that most of them are of a general, abstract nature or connected with violations of the established order of the election campaign, problems of the technical part of the voting organization, furnishing of the polling places, launching of the equipment, lines at polling stations, installation of the voting booths, camera failures and the activity of the electoral commissions in polling station or contained indefinite formulations.

In 820 cases the criminal proceedings were conducted, in 720 of which the elements of crimes were rejected or were not acquired the grounds for initiating a criminal case.
18 criminal cases were initiated,7 of which were sent to court.

Ambassador Świtalski thanked the  RA Prosecutor General for the provision of detailed information.

During the meeting, an agreement was reached to continue the already formed cooperation.