10.04.2017 | 16 criminal cases were initiated on the cases of electoral violations

In addition to the message, which was published on the website of the RA Prosecutor General's Office on 07.04.2017г.  we inform that the working group of the Prosecutor General's Office of Armenia  singled out 498 messages published in media, received on a hot line with a description of the content and deliberately containing signs of an electoral offense and they were  sent to the RA Police in an operative manner, territorial divisions of the RA Investigative Committee, military police of the MD and to the RA special investigative service with the instruction to conduct due check up in accordance with the law. Besides the mentioned messages, 309 calls of a similar nature, received by the RA Police, became the subject of checking.
In order to find out the true circumstances of the mentioned messages, to give a legal assessment in a short period of time,  bodies conducting the proceedings were instructed to undertake urgent investigative, operative and search activities.

As a result of undertaken operative actions,  criminal cases were initiated on 16 criminal cases
11 under the feaures of art.  34-153 of the RA Criminal Code (attempt to vote more than once or instead of another person)
3 under the feaures of art.  154  of the RA Criminal Code
 (breaching the confidentiality of ballot)
2 under the feaures of art. 149, part 2, points 3 and 5 of the RA Criminal Code (impeding the professional activity of journalists).

8 people were charged within the criminal cases initiated under the features of  Art. 34-153 of the RA Criminal Code , four criminal cases with the indictment by 10.04.2017 were sent to the courts of first instance, the proceedings of one criminal case was terminated on the basis of point 2, part 1, art.  35 of the RA Criminal Procedure Code (absence of corpus delicti).

As a result of measures undertaken, provided by law 26 out of 807 messages by  10/04/2017 based on same fact were connected  with  the  prepared materials on the basis of reports received in the territorial divisions of the RA Police, the mentioned  circumstances of 712 cases have already been  rejected, no grounds have been acquired for instituting criminal proceedings.

In other cases, investigative, judicial actions, operative-search activities continue.