31.03.2017 | The working group of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office has studied 224 reports

The working group that has been organized in the RA Prosecutor General’s Office continues studying press and other mass media publications, citizen’s reports and calls received by the RA Prosecutor General’s Office hotline (hereinafter - Reports) on possible election offences during pre-electoral period and on the day of parliamentary elections (02.04.2017). By 31.03.2017 the working group has already studied 224 Reports relating to electoral offences, from which 56 contained flagrant elements of crime. Above-mentioned Reports have been sent to the regional divisions of the RA Police with a view to verify all the circumstances mentioned in 56 Reports. Prosecutors implement supervision over full, objective and comprehensive investigation of these cases and ensure the implementation of the necessary measures.


With a view to get extra information concerning the publications, requests have been sent to those people who provide information. Simultaneously operative - search measures are carried out concerning all cases.


People, who according to the content of publication possess information concerning the case have given explanations.


The mentioned circumstances in 41 out of those 56 publications have been either denied or not confirmed. Supervisory activities over the rest of the cases are still in process.


Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia urges all participants in the election process (represenatatives of registered parties and block parties, proxies, mass media, local and international organizations carrying out observation mission) to provide information  concerning electoral offences with a view to take measures in accordance with the procedure established by law.


Note: Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Armenia operates a hotline service /+374 10 511-603/, which will operate round the clock on the election day. Anonymity is guaranteed.