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10.03.2017 | A workshop was held at the RA Prosecutor General’s Office on the parliamentary elections

On March 10 a workshop was held at the Prosecutor General’s Office of the RA on the activities of law enforcement bodies during the parliamentary elections. CEC chairman Tigran Mukuchyan, the representatives from EU, EC delegations in Armenia, OSCE/ODIHR observers mission, NGOs carrying out observers mission during parliamentary elections of the Republic of Armenia, the Office of Human Rights Defender, RA Police, RA Investigative Committee, Special Investigative Service were taking part in the workshop.

During the working meeting were discussed issues on press releases of potential electoral offenses during the preparation and conduct of parliamentary elections,the study of citizens' reports and received calls , analysis, sending by subordination, systematic implementation of the functions of the law enforcement bodies based on the performance of investigative actions , preparation of materials, initiation of criminal cases  and  a number of other issues, the systematic implementation of the functions of the law enforcement agencies, cooperation between the law enforcement bodies, the RA Central Electoral Commission, the civil society and the local and international organizations conducting observation missions.

Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia Artur Davtyan welcomed the participants, touched upon the necessity and goals of the working discussion and the measures to be taken during the parliamentary elections in cooperation with all the law enforcement agencies.

The RA prosecutor general mentioned the legislative changes of the electoral processes and gave importance to the punishment for voting more than once or instead of another person which became more severe according to the RA Criminal Code` focusing on the preventive meaning of this change.

Artur Davtyan also attached the importance to the incentive norm in the case of electoral bribe under the Criminal Code, according to which, if the electoral bribe-taker within three days informs the law-enforcement authorities and assist in the disclosure of the crime, then will be exempted from criminal liability.

Artur Davtyan mentioned that for the people involved in study and discussion of the appeals and complaints it is very important to be informed to address all the statements having features of seemingly crime to  the RA prosecutor’s office. By Artur Davtyan’s observation all the mechanisms must be activated and regulated correctly making possible the law enforcement bodies to be informed about any case.

According to the RA Prosecutor General, working discussions of this nature, other preparatory measures should ensure that, especially on the day of the election on April 2, every prosecutor, investigator, operational officer, policeman in the service clearly knew his/her functions, the sequence of the activities held in case of necessity.

The RA prosecutor general stressed the need to conduct consistent, overall, complete, operative and impartial investigation, providing liability for any person who committed crime and necessity to make the process more transparence and more significant for the society.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission Tigran Mukuchyan presented other works on the installation of video cameras at all polling stations, the selection of professionals serving technical equipment, ensuring the appropriate training of these individuals during the parliamentary elections. The CEC chairman also touched upon the cooperation of the electoral commissions and law enforcement agencies.

Representative of Political Affairs of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Armenia Andrea Chalupova welcomed the changes in Armenia's electoral legislation, particularly highlighting the installation of video cameras in the polling stations and the publication of voter lists.

Mrs. Chalupova has also underlined the involvement of the observers’ group, mentioned the RA authorities’ will to hold impartial, transparent elections and enhancement of the belief of society  toward those processes.

During the discussion, representatives of the HRD of Armenia, non-governmental organizations conducting an observation mission submitted their comments on cases of electoral violations in pre-election processes and the procedure for verifying them.

S. Hovhannisyan, Deputy Head of the Department for Investigation of Especially Important Cases of the RA General Prosecutor's Office, presented the results of the work of the working group established in the RA Prosecutor General's Office, directions for activating the works.

The representatives from other law enforcement bodies have also represented the steps undertaken by them, the organizational activities, gave suggestions on enhancement of the effectiveness of the cooperation.

Issues of interaction between law enforcement agencies were discussed in the working order.