09.03.2017 | A criminal case was initiated on the fact of hindrance to the legal professional activities of a journalist

On  March 6, 2017  a criminal case was initiated under the features of Part 1 Article 164 of the RA criminal code  in the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak region on the fact of hindrance to the legal professional activities of the '' Asparez'' newspaper journalist A. S.

An article entitled " Hindrance to the Activity of the journalist in the course of a trial" published on February 28, 2017 in the media "Asparez.am" apparently contained signs of a crime and was sent by the prosecutor to the territorial department of the RA Police for the preparation of materials. By the obtained factual data it was revealed that on February 27, 2017 in the court of first instance of general jurisdiction of Shirak region, by the permission of the judge presiding over the court session, the process of public trial was covered by the Asparez newspaper journalist A.S.

K. S., who was present at the trial  and was not the participant of it, not willing to publish videos concerning the trial, first urged the journalist of "Asparez" newspaper A. S. not to cover the process of trial, then, receiving a refusal, seized his camera and left the courtroom, thus intentionally hindering to the legal professional activities of a journalist.

К.S.  returned the camera to A.S.  only in the result of intervention of bailiffs.

The preliminary investigation of the criminal case was assigned to the Regional Investigative Department of Shirak of the RA Investigative Committee.