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The RA Prosecutor’s Office Division of Public Relations, head of the Division – Arevik Khachatryan

07.03.2017 | The RA prosecutor general Artur Davtyan met YSU students (VIDEO)

On March 6 the RA prosecutor general Artur Davtyan had a meeting with the students of the Faculty of Law from Yerevan State University.  

Welcoming the students Artur Davtyan attached the importance of regular meetings with them in such format.  

Artur Davtyan stressed importance to the necessity of strengthening the students’ theoretical knowledge with practical skills and suggested taking concrete measures for that purpose.

The RA prosecutor general suggested to represent their approaches and reviews on prosecution system, which will be taken into account when making improvements.

During the meeting the RA prosecutor General represented the process and perspectives of the development of legal, organizational-legal mechanisms which aim at improving the productivity of prosecutorial functions, partially giving special reference to the role of prosecutor at inter-trial proceedings as a guarantee of providing simultaneous and proportional public and private interests.

The RA prosecutor general speaking about the Draft Law “On Prosecution”, presented the bases, necessity, logics and principles of the new legal regulations of those legislative changes.

During the meeting the RA prosecutor general answered the students’ questions on prosecutors’ authorities, prosecutorial supervision over the operative investigative bodies, cooperation of law enforcement bodies in the field of prosecution, as well as the judicial and legal reforms.

At the end of the meeting, the RA prosecutor general urged future lawyers to consistently and thoroughly enrich theoretical knowledge, monitor legal processes, develop international and legal approaches in the country, actively participate in events organized in the country to support the continuous improvement of the legal sphere and use it for the benefit of the Republic of Armenia.