10.02.2017 | The work conducted by the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan City during 2016 has been reviewed

On February 10 the Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan held a meeting in the Prosecutor's Office of Yerevan City, summing up the work done during 2016. The prosecutors of administrative districts of Yerevan,  authorities responsible for the municipal bodies of RA Police and the Investigation Committee of the Republic of Armenia took part in the meeting.


During the meeting the prosecutor of Yerevan City Raffi Aslanyan made a report on  statistics of the state of crime in capital during 2016, the structure, dynamics, as well as on crime detection,  presented the work done to improve them.


Based on the presented data, in accordance with administrative districts,  referring to the the growth of separate crimes and their detection rates,  the RA Prosecutor Genreal instructed to be more consistent to the measures aimed at their prevention, particularly to ensure the completeness, objectivity, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the investigation of criminal cases for grave and especially grave crimes.


Artur Davtyan in  particular touched upon the statistics of crime detection, committed for minor reasons in public places with a firearm in the presence of many citizens,and effectiveness of the investigation of criminal cases related to these crimes, noting that the unsolved of those crimes in some cases are  the result of the delays of  operational search activities and implementation of investigative actions, it is the result of unplanned and uncoordinated implementation, taking into consideration the fact that most of the streets and other public places of the capital are controlled by the cameras of different purposes.


Stressing the special need for rapid detection of crimes committed in public places,  and obtained great sounding, the Prosecutor General noted that as a result of failing to carry out an effective operative-intelligence activity, failure to identify the persons who committed a crime, and the inability to acquire sufficient evidence proving their guilt, evasion of these persons from criminal responsibility causes fair discontent among the members of the public, contributes to the implementation of more serious crimes,causing significant damage to the reputation of law enforcement bodies of the country.


Drawing attention to the cases of recidivism, the Prosecutor General noted that their statistics is the effective evidence of the adopted criminal policy from the aspect of realization of the goals of punishment.


Expressing conviction that the fight against recidivism of crimes is substantially  conditioned by the ongoing reform of penitentiary sphere, the Prosecutor General noted that it is necessary to intensify the preventive measures against the recidivism of crime,in particular, by strengthening control over the way of life, behavior, occupation and inclinations of  people, who have  returned from prison.


Touching upon the problems of crime prevention, the Prosecutor General  stressed the importance of reasons of crime in each case, the need to find out contributing conditions by the preliminary investigation of the criminal case and to take measures of prosecutorial impact to eliminate them. In this regard, the Prosecutor General stressed the need to intensify the ongoing work to prevent crime, particularly in educational institutions and to exclude the criminal environment in other similar institutions. The Prosecutor General instructed to intensify efforts to ensure the completeness, objectivity, comprehensiveness and effectiveness of the inquest and preliminary investigation in cases related to any crimes, to guarantee human rights and freedoms within the framework of criminal proceedings, to exclude their unreasonable restrictions, using all the measures of prosecutorial impact for this purpose. To improve the efficiency of the work done,  RA Prosecutor General stressed the importance of the need to ensure the systematization, uniformity, predictability and transparency of the work of law enforcement bodies.


A number of working issues were discussed during the meeting with the participation of the heads of law enforcement bodies of the capital.