31.12.2016 | Detention as chosen measure of restraint against Artur Sargsyan was cancelled by the Prosecutor’s decision

     Detention as measure of restraint against Artur Sargsyan for assisting in committing offences has been changed on the 30th of December, 2016, by the decision of the prosecutor who supervises legality over the preliminary investigation of the criminal case which is being investigated in the RA Special Investigative Service. The criminal proceeding was instituted on the facts of illegal procurement, transportation or keeping of weapons, ammunition by an organized group and for entering and occupation of the patrol-sentry service regiment of Yerevan city department of the RA Police building, administrative building of the above-mentioned department and the territory surrounding it.
     Taking into consideration the conclusion of the medical consillium, the disease which A. Sargsyan has been diagnosed, reduces the possibility of avoiding investigation and committing a new crime, restricted residence has been chosen against the accused as a measure of restraint.
     On the same day copies of the decisions were sent to the body, executing preliminary investigation and to the administration of places of detention for the implementation.