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09.11.2016 | Open competition for the replenishment of the list of candidates for the position of a prosecutor

Statement on open competition for the replenishment of the list of candidates for the position of a prosecutor.


The list of requirements to be included in the list of candidates for the position of prosecutor in terms of professional knowledge and working skills:


  1. A bachelor's degree or a qualified specialist of law in the Republic of Armenia or a similar degree in a foreign country, recognition and establishment of equivalence of which were implemented in the RA in the manner prescribed by law.     
  2.  Knowledge of the Armenian language.

List of the necessary documents:

  1. Application to the qualification committee adjunct to the RA Prosecutor General.
  2. An identification document (and a copy).
  3. A document certifying a higher legal education (and a copy).
  4. Individual personnel record sheet.
  5. Autobiography
  6. A card containing biographical data with a description of professional legal activity after the acquisition of the legal profession with attached relevant evidence (including job description or other documents certifying duties at work, considered as professional legal experience)
  7. A document certifying the compulsory military service or exemption or deferment from compulsory military service in the manner prescribed by law (if the applicant is a male (and a copy)
  8. A document on absence of physical ailments or diseases that prevent the appointment to the position of prosecutor issued in manned prescribed by the RA Government.
  9. 3 x 4 cm size photo.
  10.  A letter of recommendation / desirable /


Documents are accepted from 10 November, 2016 up to 10 December, 2016 inclusive.


Competition will be held in January, 2017 in the building of the RA Prosecutor General's Office / 5 V. Sargsyan St. Yerevan, Armenia/.


The preparations for the competition are being carried out in the Staff Management division of the RA Prosecutor’s Office Staff /5 V. Sargsyan St. Yerevan, Armenia. Tel.: 511-538, 511-541, 511-698/.