11.10.2016 | Clarification

The Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic of Armenia has responded to the statement of the Member of the National Assembly E. Marukyan, made during the elections for Mayor of the city of Vanadzor according to which “Someone from the Prosecutor's Office was here, he was coming up to the members of our party and telling not to vote overtly, otherwise a criminal charge will be brought against them. Pressure has been exerted here, in this vicinity. A prosecutor Asryan had been working here.”


The above-mentioned information is false and not valid, on the grounds that at the Prosecutor's Office of Lori Region of the Republic of Armenia a prosecutor named Asryan (as E. Marukyan mentioned) does not work, thus he couldn’t participate in the above-mentioned process.


The Code of Conduct for Prosecutors defines “... А prosecutor may not be a member of any political party or engage in any other political activity. He may not act in favour of any political party”. 


The Prosecutor's office consistently follows that all the employees will comply with this regulation.


Considering unacceptable dissemination of unverified and discreditable information among the society, the RA Prosecutor General's Office urges citizens, officials and particularly lawyers who are aware of all the legal regulations to refrain from unverified and invalid statements, in case of having valid data regarding exercising prosecutor’s powers in an improper way, present them to the RA Prosecutor General's Office. We ensure that provided information will be discussed in a prescribed manner and will receive the appropriate legal evaluation.