19.09.2016 | Board Meeting in the RA Prosecutor General's Office

A board meeting took place in the RA Prosecutor General’s Office which was chaired by the Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan.


The Prosecutor General   presented the directions of improvement mechanisms of organization and implementation of prosecutorial activity to the members of the Board, prosecutors of Regions, garrisons and the heads of departments.


The Prosecutor General noted the importance of guaranteeing the protection of the rights of trial parties in pretrial proceedings and ensuring efficiency and quality of pretrial proceedings in this regard signifying the importance of provision of cooperation between all law enforcement authorities in the fight against crime in a more effective, robustly and consistent way. A. Davtyan also considered a key issue of the predictability of the exercise of prosecutorial functions and unity, thus ensuring the legal certainty.


The Prosecutor General emphasized the necessity of intensifying efforts of the Prosecutor's Office to fight corruption and for this purpose using all the tools in its arsenal both in the prosecution system and other areas of public relations.


Among the priorities of the prosecutorial system the ensuring of publicity, transparency, to the maximum extent permissible by law, of the work of the system were emphasized. A wide range of issues concerning the organization of the work of system in a more effective way was discussed during the meeting.