17.09.2016 | A criminal proceeding was instituted in the RA Prosecutor General’s Office on kidnapping the candidate to municipal council

On the basis of the report of the candidate to municipal council of Echmiadzin City of Armavir Region on September 17, 2016 in the Department for Investigation of Especially Important Cases of the Prosecutor General's Office a criminal proceeding was instituted under Article 131, Part 2, Point 1 of the  RA Criminal Code and Article 149, Part 2, Points 3 and 5 envisaged by the characteristics of offences - by a group of individuals with prior agreement, accompanied with violence or threats to use violence on apparent cases of kidnapping the municipal council candidate and  impeding from the exercising of his right to vote.


The instituted criminal proceeding was sent to the RA Special Investigation Service for carrying out a preliminary investigation.


At the same time, it was instructed to take the necessary operative and criminal procedural measures immediately, aimed at detecting the individuals who have committed crime and all the circumstances of the crime as soon as possible.