Procedure of reception of citizens

     The procedure for reception of citizens is set out by the Order of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Armenia (№ 15 dated 10.02.2017).


     According to the order, as a rule the reception of citizens is carried out on the basis of the citizen’s letters concerning the reception. The reception of citizens is carried out by the prosecutor or the official of the RA Prosecutor General's Office Staff, to whom the letter is addressed. Upon the request of the applicant or invited person his/her advocate or legal representative can take part in the reception. In the absence of the prosecutor or official, who carries out the reception, the reception should be rescheduled to another working day and the applicant or the invited person, registered for the reception is notified about it beforehand. The prosecutor or the official can not carry out the reception of the applicant, to whom clarifications have been given many times in written or oral forms  (at least once during the receptions). In this case, the applicant is given a written reasoned response.  Based on the urgency of the issue raised by the applicant, his/her reception can be organized immediately, without corresponding letter, registration and in cases envisaged by this procedure, also coming to an agreement in advance with prosecutor or official.

     The schedule for reception is posted at the entrance to the administrative building.