During one month 107 decisions concerning the application of detention as a measure of restraint have been changed or abolished. Current results of reforms

Particularly, measures have been taken to ensure that petitions (concerning the application of detention as a measure of restraint for persons accused of crimes of small and medium gravity) have been presented to court only if factual data justify detention of the person.

In case of considering the issue of choosing a measure of restraint, the possibility of applying alternative measures of restraint has also been considered and assessing the possible risks, the practice of appling bail becomes more probable.

Along with these processes, all current criminal cases have also been considered, within the framework of which detention as a measure of restraint has been applied against the accused.

And in all cases when it has been found out that detention of the accused or the extension of the term of detention completely has not corresponded to the standards of the board of the prosecutor's office, the issue of changing the measure of restraint is being discussed.