29.07.2020 | The issue of reducing dual criminality is under review of the Prosecutor's Office of Shirak Region. A petition was submitted

The contributing reasons, conditions and the means to eliminate them have been analyzed within the framework of increasing the effectiveness of the fight against dual criminality in Shirak region.


In the first half of 2020 the same number of crimes committed by 17 previously convicted people was recorded, which is more with one than in 2019, the previous year, compared with the second half. The statistics and the slight increase show that the prevention and detection measures undertaken for reducing dual criminality have not been enough effective.


In particular, the study shows that one of the reasons assisting dual criminality continue to be the poor social state of people who committed crimes in the past, which is combined with the bad relation of these people with their families, the negative behavior and labeling of them by society, as well as the absence of work, professional qualifications, their non-compliance with the new requirements of the labor market, their non-competitiveness in the labor market. That is to say the process of re-socialization of people who committed crimes in the past is not fully implemented. As a result, the lack of attention to the vital problems of these people, their psychological separation from the society contribute to the increasing risk of dual criminality.


The influence of the criminal subculture is also very significant. The person being in prison, lives in an environment which may not only contribute to correction, but also deepen the desire and inclination to commit a crime. In prison, many people easily accept the rules of the criminal subculture. There are many cases when crimes are being developed still in prisons. That is to say targeted efforts are needed so that the convict does not continue to follow the rules of the criminal subculture after his/her release. In this regard, the criminalization of the criminal subculture is also of significant preventive importance, which significantly increases the opportunities for coordinated legal fight by the police against this phenomenon.


The study conducted in the Prosecutor's Office proves that both in the second half of 2019 and first half of 2020 cases of dual criminality organized by the dual criminals were revealed. The subdivisions of Shirak Regional Department of the RA Police, which registered cases of crimes committed by dual criminals in the served areas, did not undertake sufficient measures to prevent them in the served area for keeping the newly released persons serving their sentences in an open correctional institution and under their review. The latter were not properly supervised, and no preventive measures were undertaken among them regularly, including appropriate individual work with each dual criminal to refuse the criminal subculture, have work and normal living conditions. In other words, control over those who committed criminal behavior as means of preventing such crimes has been ineffective.


On this ground K. Gabrielyan, the Prosecutor of Shirak Region petitioned S. Abaghyan, the Head of Shirak Regional Department of the RA Police to undertake appropriate measures for preventing dual criminality by the employees of the Shirak Regional Department of the RA Police, to carry out individual works with the dual criminals by all the analytic inspectors of all subdivisions, carry out daily planned control over the behavior of the dual criminals, inform the Prosecutor's Office of the Region about the measures undertaken and outcomes.